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2009年6月 9日 (火)

8am Mon August 10 Japanese Film Festival - 日本映画祭 上映作品

2009年8月7日から11日まで フィリピン バギオ市で開催される 「日本映画祭」での上映作品の御案内です。 このイベントは マニラの国際交流基金が、バギオ・センター・モール・シネマ、バギオ100年祭委員会、及び 北ルソン日本人会(JANL)の協力を得て、バギオ市制100年祭を記念して 開催するものです。

Japanese Film Festival will be  held at Baguio Center Mall Cinema during August 7 to 11, 2009, to celebrtate Baguio Centennial   This event is done by Japan Foundation Manila, in cooperation with Baguio Center Mall Cinema,  Baguio Centennial Commission and Japanese Association in Northern Luzon, Inc.(JANL)..

The below movie will be shown at  8:00am, Monday, August 10.

The Milkwoman
Itsuka dokusho suru hi


Color / Vista / 2005 / 127 min / Paradise Caf?, Pugpoint Japan

Director: Ogata Akira
Script: Aoki Kenji
Based on the story by: Aoki Kenji, Ogata Akira
Cinemtaography: Kasamatsu Norimichi
Art Direction: Hanaya Hidefumi
Music: Ikebe Shinichiro
Producers: Oiwake Shiro, Hatanaka Motohiro

Oba Minako: Tanaka Yuko
Takanashi Kaita : Kishibe Ittoku
Takanashi Yoko, his wife: Nishina Akiko
Minagawa Toshiko: Watanabe Misako
Minagawa Masao, her husband: Ueda Koichi
Takanashi Yoji, Kaita's father
Oba Chiyo, Minako's mother
Nurse Watanabe: Kozu Hazuki
Chief of a supermarket: Kagawa Teruyuki

Setting: Present-day Nagasaki

In the hilly town of Nagasaki, Oba Minako, a 50ish single woman, delivers milk in the early morning to the people of the town. Her regular day job is as a supermarket clerk. She grew up in
and decided as a young girl that she would never leave. Her father died when she was a young girl. Her mother raised her till Minako was in high school. While in high school, Minako and a boy named Takanashi Kaita dated.

Minako's mother had a boyfriend, who happened to be Kaita's father. One day, Minako's mother and Kaita's father were killed in a traffic accident while bicycling toward a secluded mountain area near the village. Kaita's mother was devastated. The death of their parents drove a wedge between Minako and Kaita.

Kaita became a city-hall official who works in the children's welfare department. He is married to a woman named Yoko, who is bedridden and slowly passing away. Yoko has always felt that a part of her husband was never really with her and she realizes that he still has feelings for Minako. As adults, Minako and Kaita have no relationship, yet Minako delivers milk to Yoko and Kaita's house every morning. Yoko is not the only one who realizes that Kaita and Minako's feelings for each other are unrequited. Minako's mother's friend, Toshiko, also knows that Minako has feelings for someone, even though she won't say who it is.

As Yoko is dying, she makes a final request to Kaita and Minako. She asks them to renew their relationship. Both Kaita and Minako are confused about what to do and angry at themselves for not being able to keep their feelings hidden all these years. After Yoko passes away, the two slowly begins to get back together. But as soon as they do, Kaita dies while trying to help a child drowning in the river.

The Milkwoman won the Special Grand Jury prize at the
Montreal film festival in 2005. It was also nominated for seven other awards. Tanaka Yuko, who played the role of Minako, also played the voice of Lady Eboshi in Princess Mononoke ("Mononoke hime," 1997).


For more information, please visit  JANL web site.


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