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2009年6月 9日 (火)

8am Sun August 9 Japanese Film Festival - 日本映画祭 上映作品


2009年8月7日から11日まで フィリピン バギオ市で開催される 「日本映画祭」での上映作品の御案内です。 このイベントは マニラの国際交流基金が、バギオ・センター・モール・シネマ、バギオ100年祭委員会、及び 北ルソン日本人会(JANL)の協力を得て、バギオ市制100年祭を記念して 開催するものです。

Japanese Film Festival will be  held at Baguio Center Mall Cinema during August 7 to 11, 2009, to celebrtate Baguio Centennial   This event is done by Japan Foundation Manila, in cooperation with Baguio Center Mall Cinema,  Baguio Centennial Commission and Japanese Association in Northern Luzon, Inc.(JANL)..

The below movie will be shown at  8:00am, Sunday, August 9.



Robin Nishi, a struggling manga artist, is reunited with Myon, the object of his unrequited love, and her sister Yan, both struggling to support their father's yakitori pub. While getting reacquainted at the pub they are interrupted by Yakuza loan sharks searching for Myon and Yan's father. A struggle ensues in which Nishi is killed, but he miraculously manages to cheat death and return from purgatory to outsmart the yakuza and flee the scene with Myon and Yan. A high-speed auto chase through the streets of
Osaka ensues with Nishi at the wheel and several carloads of yakuza in pursuit, until Nishi's car swerves off a bridge and is swallowed whole by an enormous whale.
In the belly of the whale, Nishi, Myon, and Yan, meet an old man, trapped inside the whale for thin years. From there, with the old man as there guide the three re-examine their lives, and discover their ability to control their own destiny and realize true happiness. 

The whale, sensing the end of its own life nearing, approaches Osaka bay and gives Nishi, Myon, Yan, and the old man a last chance to escape and return to what they left behind...

Masaaki Yuasa, Director
MINDGAME's super-talented and eccentric writer-director Masaaki Yuasa graduated from Kyushu Industrial Universities prestigious fine arts program in 1987 and began work as an animator soon thereafter. In
Japan he is best known as the creative force between the popular "CRAYON SHINCHAN" films (Shinchan being Japan's answer to Bart Simpson and the "CRAYON SHINCHAN" films and series are some of the most popular in Japan
's history). Some of Yuasa's career highlights include:

NEKOJIRU. Director, screenplay, storyboard, animation director on animated feature film, 2001. Recipient of National Arts and Culture Award for Animation and the
Fantasia Festival's Foreign Film Award.

CRAYON SHINCHAN: STORMY JUNGLE. Art director and key animator on animated feature film, 2000.
SLIME. Director, art director, storyboard for animated feature film, 1999.
MY NEIGHBORS THE YAMADAS. Key animator on animated feature film.
CRAYON SHINCHAN: DENGEKI! BUTA NO HIJIME DAISAKUSEN. Art director and key animator on animated feature film, 1998.
NOISEMAN SOUND INSECT. Character design, art direction, animation direction on animated short film, 1997.
CRAYON SHINCHAN: HENDERLAND. Art direction storyboard and key animator on animated feature film, 1996.
THE CRAYON SHINCHAN SPECIAL. Screenplay, storyboard, animator director, and key animator on special feature for television, 1994.
CRAYON SHINCHAN: ACTION KAMEN VS. HIGHREG MAOU. Key animator and art director of feature film, 1993.
CRAYON SHINCHAN. Teleplay, storyboard, animation director, and key animator for television series 1992.

Staff / Cast
Director: Masaaki Yuasa
Original Comic: Robin Nishi "MIND GAME"
Music: Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms, Omoide Hatoba, Rashinban)
Voice Cast: Koji Imada ("Bokunchi") / Takashi Fujii ("Lost in Translation") / Tomomitsu Yamaguchi ("Kisarazu Cats Eye") and Toshio Sakata
Animation Director: Yuichiro Sueyoshi
Art Direction: Toru Hishiyama
CGI Direction: Keisuke Sasagawa
Editing: Keiko Mizuta
Production: Studio 4

2004 / 104 minutes / 2.35:1 / Dolby Digital
@ 2004 MIND GAME Project. All Rights Reserved.


its inception in 1990, Studio 4
has been a hub of Japan's independent animation world. After joining the production of Hayao Miyazaki's "KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE", they produced an segment for Katsuhiro Otomo's "MEMORIES," which was critically acclaimed all over the world. In 1996, they collaborated with the Japanese techno god Ken Ishii for his music video "EXTRA," with which the director Koji Morimoto got known internationally. After that they produced a numerous number of animated works on various formats, from feature film to TV commercial to short film to music video. In 2003, they produced 4 ANIMATRIX episodes for The Wachowski Brothers, which proved Studio 4 to be one of the world's best anime production house. Highlights of Studio 4's history include:

MINDGAME. Animated feature film, 2003 (yet to be released)
THE ANIMATRIX. Animated anthology, 2003.
THE GIFTED BIT. Animated series for Japan National Broadcast (NHK), 2002-2003.
CONNECTED. Music video for Japanese recording artist Ayumi Hamazaki, 2002.
PRINCESS ARETE. Animated feature film, 2001.
LE SAUNDA. Animated commercial, 2000. Recipient of Clio award for director Koji Morimoto.
SPRIGGAN. Animated feature film supervised by Katsuhiro Otomo, 1998.
THE ETERNAL FAMILY. Series of 53 animated television commercials directed by Koji Morimoto for NTT Infosphere, 1997-1999.
NOISEMAN SOUND INSECT. Animated short film directed by Koji Morimoto, 1997.
EXTRA. Animated music video for Japanese artist Ken Ishii (Sony Music), 1996.
MACROSS 7. Animated video feature, 1996.
MEMORIES. Animated feature film, directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, 1995.

Eiko Tanaka, Producer
Before establishing her own studio, the independent and unpredictable Studio4
, Tanaka produced numerous animated feature films, commercials, and shorts, notably, Miyazaki's classic films "MY NEIGBER TOTORO" (1988) and "KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE" (1989). At studio 4 Tanaka has produced Katsuhiro Otomo's renowned anthology"MEMORIES".(1996), the much-praised short film "NOISEMAN SOUND INSECT," as well as feature films "SPRIGGAN"(1998), Princess Arete (2001). Most recently, Tanaka also sewed as Series Producer of "THE ANIMATRIX" (2003).


For more information, please visit  JANL web site.


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