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2009年6月 9日 (火)

8pm Sun August 9 Japanese Film Festival - 日本映画祭 上映作品

2009年8月7日から11日まで フィリピン バギオ市で開催される 「日本映画祭」での上映作品の御案内です。 このイベントは マニラの国際交流基金が、バギオ・センター・モール・シネマ、バギオ100年祭委員会、及び 北ルソン日本人会(JANL)の協力を得て、バギオ市制100年祭を記念して 開催するものです。

Japanese Film Festival will be  held at Baguio Center Mall Cinema during August 7 to 11, 2009, to celebrtate Baguio Centennial   This event is done by Japan Foundation Manila, in cooperation with Baguio Center Mall Cinema,  Baguio Centennial Commission and Japanese Association in Northern Luzon, Inc.(JANL)..

The below movie will be shown at  8:00pm, Sunday, August 9.

Memories of Tomorrow
Ashita no kioku


Color / Vista / 2006 / 122 min / Toei, Sumitomo Corporation, Toei Video, Nippan, Kobunsha, Yomiuri Shimbun, K Dash

Director: Tsutsumi Yukihiko
Script: Sunamoto Hakaru
Miura Uiko
Based on the novel by: Ogiwara Hiroshi
Cinematography: Karasawa Satoru
Art Direction: Oikawa Hajime
Music: Oshima Michiru

Executive Producer: Watanabe Ken
Producers: Sakagami Sunao
Kawamura Tatsuo

Saeki Masayuki: Watanabe Ken
Saeki Emiko, his wife: Higuchi Kanako
Saeki Rie, their daughter: Fukiishi Kazue
Ito Naoya, her fiancee: Sakaguchi Kenji
Ikuno Keiko: Mizukawa Asami
Kizaki Shigeyuki, a potter: Kinashi Noritake
Yoshida Takehiro, a doctor: Oikawa Mitsuhiro
Hamano Kimiko, Emiko’s friend: Watanabe Eriko
Kawamura Atsushi, Saeki’s client: Kagawa Teruyuki
Sugawara Usaburo, an old potter: Otaki Hideji

Setting: Tokyo, 2004?2010

In a flashforward to 2010, Saeki Masayuki is shown sitting in a vegetative state in a chair while his wife Emiko posts photos of their family members and friends on a board in front of him.
In the spring of 2004, Saeki is a relentless manager at an advertising agency and at the top of his game. He, however, begins to forget little things, such as the names of his clients, where he left the car keys, or where the turnoff is to his daughter Rie’s apartment. When he forgets a business appointment for the first time in his career, and subsequently, fails to recognize his employees in a crowded cafeteria, he consults medical reference books with the view that he may be depressed.

Emiko convinces her husband to see a doctor in regard to his condition. Saeki is outraged when the doctor runs him through a barrage of memory checks. Moreover, he becomes testier at the office as well. Additional testing makes it clear that Saeki is most likely suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Saeki panics and considers throwing himself off the roof of the hospital, but the doctor reminds him that dying is our destiny, and there is no telling when he will actually die. Saeki and his wife study the nature of the disease and how its progression can be slowed, such as by avoiding alcohol, writing every day, and regularly exercising the arms.

To that end, in the summer of 2004, they both enroll in pottery classes, as they had done in their younger days.
In a flashback to a quarter century earlier, Saeki has to keep the old master potter at their workshop in the woods of Okutama, away from Emiko. Emiko is pregnant with Saeki’s child, and at the pottery studio, they decide to get married and call the baby Rie.

Back in the present, Saeki starts to draw the faces of his business associates on their respective business cards in order to remember their names. Emiko begins buying foods that are purported to be good for the memory. In spite of their efforts, however, Saeki’s condition deteriorates. He gets lost on the way to an important appointment, and one of his staff members, Ikuno Keiko, has to walk him through the route over the phone. Ultimately, the truth becomes known to his division president, who promises not to tell anyone and encourages him to consider retirement.

Rie is pregnant with a baby girl, and her fiance Naoya asks Saeki to give a speech at their wedding. Saeki continues to work until the time of the wedding, though along the way he is demoted from the post of director and receives a lower retirement package. At the wedding, Saeki loses his written speech and must improvise: he recounts how he was surprised to learn that he is to be a grandfather at the age of 50, but affirms that all things considered, he is grateful that the young couple is in a hurry. On his last day at work, Ikuno and the other members of his team present him with signed photos of themselves

His granddaughter is born in November, and he names her Mebuki. It is the happiest day of his life, but after this, his life begins to rapidly deteriorate. By 2007, the house is littered with signs telling him how to live his life. Emiko’s career?she works at a gallery?takes off, and Saeki knows that his behavior is becoming more and more erratic. He visits a nursing home to see if he’d like to move in, and then makes a journey back to the pottery workshop in Okutama. The shop is in ruins, but the old master is there, having run away from the nursing home. They spend the night drinking and singing together. The next day, there is no sign of the old master, and Emiko comes looking for him. He fails to recognize her, causing her to break down in tears, but they walk back to the station together.

As executive producer, Academy Award-nominated actor Watanabe Ken (The Last Samurai, 2003) acquired the rights to the novel and selected the director and cast. Tsutsumi Yukihiko has directed a number of adaptations of manga for television and film, including Black Jack (2000, television), H2 (2005, television), and Twentieth-Century Boys (“Nijusseiki shonen,” 2008). Tsutsumi was awarded Best Director at the 2003 Philadelphia Film Festival for 2LDK (2003).



For more information, please visit  JANL web site.


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